A scratch in the window glass doesn’t ruin the functionality of the piece, but it can ruin the appearance. Besides, if the scratch is deep, it is only going to continue running and quickly ruin the glass, causing need for a replacement. There are a few simple and easy fixes for a scratch that you can try to get them out of your glass quickly.

First, the metal polish technique is one that is very popular for homeowners who need to get out a scratch quickly and easily. Simply clean the scratch using a soft cloth, then dab metal polish onto the cloth, rubbing it into the scratch. Do not put on too much polish because this may actually cause the window to become more vulnerable to scratches.

Clear nail polish is another method that could work to remove scratches. If you do to have this polish around, you can find it at most any drug store for a buck or two, so it is really inexpensive. You need a soft cloth to clean the glass and then dry the window. Now, use a bottle brush to apply a layer of nail polish to the scratched area. One stroke of the brush should be enough, so do not apply it heavily.

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If you are a DIYer you’ll be pleased to learn that there is an all-natural solution that might work to take out those scratches and it will not cost a penny to try it out. A homemade scratch solution involves mixing toothpaste together with water and baking soda. When the thin paste is made, apply it to the scratch using a soft cloth. Remove excess with a soft rag and you’ll see no more scratches in the glass.

Of course, if these remedies do not resolve the scratch, you can always call a window cleaning company for service. A window cleaning company offers far more than window cleaning and can usually resolve scratches and other small problems with ease. It never hurts to inquire of their services if you need the scratch removed!