There are so many different schools of thought when it comes to the ideal workout plan. Of course, the type of workouts you are doing will depend a lot on what you want to achieve. Someone who wants to play professional sports will have a different type of workout plan, as compared to someone who may be more curious about bodybuilding. And then you have people who just want to be fitter, healthier and in better shape. So what is the ideal workout plan for most people? And how does HIIT fit into all these topics?

The first thing that you need to know about TotalHIIT is that it is a great workout plan that can help anyone achieve their fitness goals. Say you are a little overweight and out of shape. You want to get leaner, fitter and stronger. We believe that HIIT will be great for you, as it is going to get you to a point where you are working out a lot more. And you can do these workouts in a short space of time, as you are focusing on intensity not longevity.

The best way that we can compare TotalHIIT to some other workouts is to make the comparison between sprinting and jogging. When you are jogging, you are out there for 20, 25 or 30 minutes just for that exercise. And then you will do some other exercises too. When you are engaging in HIIT, you are sprinting more than jogging. And that means if you are sprinting for 45 seconds, taking a 15 second break and then repeating that a few times, you are getting a lot of workout done! It is a very intense workout that will give you good gains.


Of course, you have to consider any health issues that you may have right now. There are some people who may not be ideally suited to HIIT. It is especially true if you are older. A young, healthy person does not have any concerns. But if you do have some medical issues, we would always recommend that you talk with your doctor about what you are about to engage in. They are the most qualified to give you the all clear to start your high intensity training program.